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2016 poster by Judy Goldthwait



Poster by Jeanne Mellin

From the collection of the Lorenzo State Historic Site:
“A Trip to Brighton” Plate 2

From the collection of the Lorenzo State Historic Site:

Antique print sayings:

Having persuaded Mama to entrust her darling to your care, by assuring her of your great skill in driving, and the quiet disposition of your Horse… No sooner startled than you DISCOVER that the reins are under his tail by the sigularity of his action. ~ London, Pub Jan 1, 1817

Having with great persusion gained the consent of your favorite Lass, to take an afternoon ride, (obliged to hire) you request a steady one which you DISCOVER you have obtained; not to mention the company of a Dokey Boy or two who are constantly offering their assistance, and from whom you find it impossible to get away. ~ London, Pub Jan 1, 1817

Up & down or the endevour to DISCOVER which way your Horse is inclined to come down backwards or forwards. ~ London, Pub Jan 1, 1817

Trying a new match you DISCOVER that they are not only alike in colour weight & action but in disposition. ~ London, Pub Jan 1, 1817.

design by Andrew Lewandowski
artwork by Risa Kent
artwork by Joan Mason Timmons
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